Case Study: Live Storage Racking

Case Study: Live Storage Racking-News

Case Study: Live Storage Racking

Live Storage Racking Description:

Perfect system for warehouses were the rotation of stocks and saving space  are deciding factors.

The racks incorporate roller tracks with a light slope that allows the slide of the pallets, by gravity and at a controlled speed, up to the opposite end.

This system allows a perfect rotation of the pallets (FIFO system) as well as using the available space more efficiently as you can eliminate corridors. In addition to this, it allows a rapid manipulation of the pallets, reducing operative costs.

Customer Advantages:

- Frames can be totally galvanized: ideal quality for the installation in refrigeration stores.

- Elements of the rack tested by the Technical University of valencia (UPV).

- The rollers that Kimer uses have the highest quality of the market, allowing a longer lasting life of the product.

- Also available for Kimer longspan system: ideal for manipulating boxes.

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