Case Study: Pallet Racking Installation

Case Study: Pallet Racking Installation-News

Case Study: Pallet Racking Installation

Recently KIMER Storage systems had the opportunity to install the racking needs for an important food chain company. 

The total available space the warehouse had was 4.700m2. KIMER decided to manufacture selective pallet racking for this project as it was the best solution for the requirements of the customer. Uprights of 10m of height were installed in order to maximize the available space. The depth of the frame was 1.1.m, the perfect size for European pallet. Regarding the beams, KIMER used several beams depending on the needs of the customer. These beams were able to hold more than 3.000kg per level.

At the end of the installation, this food chain business counts with an available space of 8.450 European pallets. Once again, KIMER Storage Systems was able to fulfill the expectations of their customers.

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