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Jobs and businesses are changing. Now we spend more time at home, in the office or we have even turned our house into our own office.

All this generates new adaptation needs. In many cases we have found ourselves outweighed by the amount of paperwork and/or material that we must store, in spaces that were not designed for that purpose, which encourages us to adapt storage solutions to conditions that have little to do with an industrial warehouse.

To solve this type of problem, Kimer has the perfect tool. We know what your needs are and we offer you a tailor-made solution.

Easy to assemble, without screws, with the best finishes and great strength, so you don’t have to worry about those new storage needs that you have.

For this type of thing we have two ideal solutions:

The Easy rack rack.

• An ideal system for interiors, whether offices or homes.

• With a variety of finishes, highlighting the biosafe finish, with a protective film that prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria

• An easy to assemble and equip system, but one that combines simplicity and high load capacities.

For cases where the Easy Rack meets your expectations, but your needs are greater, we have the mobile shelving model

• A system that has greater load capacity, by making better use of space. It allows you to dispense with the corridors, with a system of rails on which the shelves move.

• This system also further protects our documents, as, having extra walls and roof, without openings, when closed, seals our documents to protect them from any exposure.

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